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"The Power of Yet" Growth Mindset Poster Freebie - Boho Themed!


"The Power of Yet" is based on the idea that we are on a journey; always learning, always growing, always able to improve. Its' foundations are rooted in Growth Mindset thinking, where we are changing our mindset from limitations, to possibilities. It is rooted in how you approach failure or challenges, to instead say that you can’t do something “yet”.


This poster pack is a great resource to hang in your classroom, to remind your students of "The Power of Yet". These posters will help students to see how to add "yet" to the end of their sentences when they might be sounding limiting or "fixed", and will help them turn their thoughts into a "growth" mindset perspective!

"The Power of Yet" Classroom Posters

  • Grade Level(s) Not Grade Specific
    Subject/Category Social-Emotional Learning, Classroom Visuals
    Format PDF
    Pages 13
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