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Grab your copy of this co-parenting child journal with printable calendars!


Co-parenting can be challenging, and for children, it can be confusing at times when they are working to keep track of where they will be and when they will be there. This can especially be challenging for children who are also learning to understand the concept of days, weeks, and months.


This co-parenting child journal will help tremendously with this! Children will not only be able to develop skills in using a calendar with days, weeks, and months, but they will also develop independence as they track their days of when they will see each parent. Children will also be able to practice self-regulation through this as they will be in charge of their schedule and will know when they are going to be and where.


This journal includes:

  • Title page/front cover
  • Four different styles of calendar pages
  • A how-to page on how children can use the calendar effectively

Co-Parenting Child Journal

  • Grade Level(s) Not Grade Specific
    Subject/Category Life Skills, Child Care, Parents
    Format PDF
    Pages 11
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