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Junior/Intermediate (Grade 4-8)

Literacy Information and Activities

Information for Parents


Edutopia provides insights and strategies for parents to enhance literacy skills and support social-emotional learning in preteens and early adolescents.


Kids Health

Kids Health provides information for parents on various aspects of adolescent well-being, including resources on supporting literacy and social-emotional health.

Middle Web

Middle Web offers articles and resources for parents of middle schoolers, addressing literacy skills and social-emotional development during the critical preteen years.


Scholastic Parents offers articles and resources for parents of children in the middle grades, focusing on literacy support and navigating social-emotional challenges.

Activities for Junior/Intermediate Children


Newsela provides news articles at different reading levels, offering non-fiction content to improve reading comprehension and critical thinking.

Read Works

ReadWorks offers reading comprehension lessons and activities for students in grades 4-8, with a focus on building strong literacy skills.

Read Write Think

ReadWriteThink provides interactive tools and games for students to strengthen their literacy skills in the upper elementary and middle school grades.



Storybird allows students to create and share their own digital books, fostering creativity and literacy skills.

Teen Ink

Teen Ink features a platform for students to submit and read writing, encouraging literacy engagement and expression.

Social-Emotional Learning Information and Activities

Information for Parents

Greater Good Magazine

Greater Good Magazine offers articles and tips for parents to foster social-emotional skills and well-being in preteens and adolescents.

PBIS World

PBIS World provides resources for parents on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), promoting positive social-emotional behaviors in tweens and teens.

Activities for Junior/Intermediate Children

Common Sense 

Common Sense Education provides games and activities that promote digital citizenship and social-emotional skills in tweens and teens.

Empowering Education

Empowering Education offers social-emotional learning lessons and activities for students in grades 4-8.

Kids Health

KidsHealth offers interactive games and activities that help older students explore and understand social-emotional topics.

PBIS World

PBISWorld offers games and activities to reinforce positive behavior and social-emotional skills in middle school students.

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