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Decodable Book Resources for Educators

Beyond Decodables 

Beyond Decodables offers a collection of decodable books to support early readers in developing their phonetic skills.

Decodable Phonics

Decodable Phonics provides engaging comics and resources to reinforce phonics concepts and support early literacy development.

Education by Shala Books

Education by Shala Books offers online emergent readers to facilitate early literacy development in young learners.

FlyLeaf Publishing
Flyleaf Publishing provides printable homework activities with each book, offering valuable decodable resources for literacy instruction.

Genie Books

Genie Books offers a variety of general resources to support literacy development in students.

Half-Pint Readers
Half-Pint Readers provides online materials to support young readers in their literacy journey.


Just Right Reader

Just Right Reader offers a decodables e-library to assist early readers in building foundational reading skills.


Phonic Books

The Moon Dog Series by Phonic Books provides resources for at-home learning, supporting phonics instruction.


Reading for All Learners

Reading for All Learners offers a free edition to support diverse learners in developing reading skills.

SPELD Readers
SPELD Readers provides a new series of phonic readers to aid in literacy instruction and support learners with specific learning differences.


Success for All

Success for All offers resources and support for a comprehensive approach to literacy education.


Text Project

Text Project provides free decodable texts to support educators in teaching reading to diverse learners.

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