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Secondary (Grade 9-12)

Literacy Information and Activities

Information for Parents

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 

AACAP offers resources for parents on understanding and supporting the mental health and well-being of high school students, complementing literacy initiatives.

Epic Reads 

Epic Reads recommends books for teenagers, fostering a love for reading and addressing social-emotional topics relevant to high school students.

Great Schools

Great Schools provides high school resources for parents, including articles on college preparation, literacy support, and fostering social-emotional skills in teenagers.

Mind Shift

Mind Shift's High School section offers articles on supporting literacy skills and addressing social-emotional well-being in high school students.

Activities for Secondary Students

Common Lit

Common Lit offers a collection of reading passages and literary texts with accompanying questions and assessments to support literacy in high school.

The NY Times Learning Network

The New York Times Learning Network provides reading activities and lesson plans for high school students, connecting current events with literacy skills.

Project Gutenburg

Project Gutenberg provides a vast collection of free eBooks, allowing high school students to explore classic literature and enhance their reading skills.

Read Write Think

ReadWriteThink's high school resources include interactive tools and lesson plans that focus on various aspects of literacy.


Teen Book Cloud

Teen Book Cloud offers a collection of e-books, audiobooks, and videos, providing high school students with engaging literary content.

Social-Emotional Learning Information and Activities

Information for Parents

Greater Good Magazine

Greater Good in Education offers resources for parents on promoting social-emotional skills and resilience in high school students.

Teaching Tolerance 

Teaching Tolerance provides resources for parents to support social-emotional learning and foster inclusivity and empathy in high schoolers.

Activities for Secondary Students

Character Lab

Character Lab's Playbooks offer activities and exercises designed to develop character strengths and social-emotional skills in high school students.


Edutopia's social-emotional learning resources include articles, videos, and activities to support the emotional well-being of high school students.

Kids Health

KidsHealth offers interactive activities that help older students explore and understand social-emotional topics.

PBIS World

PBISWorld offers games and activities to reinforce positive behavior and social-emotional skills in high school students.

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