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Primary (Kindergarten to Grade 3)

Literacy Information and Activities

Information for Parents

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media's curated lists help parents find age-appropriate books for children, fostering both literacy development and social-emotional growth.

Parent Toolkit - TODAY

Parent Toolkit provides grade-by-grade guidance for parents, including literacy and social-emotional resources to support children in elementary school.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids provides educational games, videos, and activities that promote literacy and social-emotional skills for children in the early elementary years.

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets offers tips and activities to promote early literacy skills in young children, along with guidance on supporting social-emotional development.

Read Write Think

ReadWriteThink's parent resources include interactive tools and activities to promote literacy in the early grades, fostering a love for reading.

Activities for Primary Children


ABCya! provides educational games and activities for elementary students, including language arts games that support literacy development.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids offers a variety of online literacy games for early elementary students, reinforcing reading skills through play.

Read Write Think

ReadWriteThink provides a collection of online interactive tools and games for young readers to practice various literacy skills.


Storyline Online

Storyline Online features videos of celebrities reading children's books, engaging young learners in literacy activities.

Social-Emotional Learning Information and Activities

Information for Parents


The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) provides resources for parents to understand and promote social-emotional learning in young children.

Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education offers resources for parents on integrating social-emotional learning into everyday activities and screen time.

Activities for Primary Children


CASEL offers a collection of social-emotional learning games and activities for elementary students.

Class Dojo

ClassDojo provides a variety of social-emotional learning activities, including mindfulness and empathy-building exercises for young students.

Go Noodle

GoNoodle's Empower Tools include movement and mindfulness activities designed to support social-emotional well-being in young children.

Kids Health

KidsHealth provides interactive games and activities that help children understand and manage their emotions.

Second Step

Second Step offers social-emotional learning activities and resources for parents to use at home with their children.

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