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Literacy Resources for Educators

Common Lit
Common Lit offers a free digital platform with a collection of reading passages and lesson plans, focusing on building students' reading and writing skills.

Edutopia's literacy section features articles, videos, and classroom strategies to help teachers enhance literacy instruction.


Epic Books
Epic Books provides an extensive digital library for kids with a wide range of books, including fiction and non-fiction, to encourage reading.

Florida Center for Reading Research
The Florida Center for Reading Research offers research-based resources and strategies to support effective reading instruction.


Institute for Multi-Sensory Education

IMSE provides digital resources and professional development opportunities designed to support multi-sensory literacy instruction, helping educators enhance reading and spelling skills in their students.

International Literacy Association 
ILA offers a range of resources, including journals, conferences, and professional development opportunities, to support teachers in promoting literacy.

National Council of Teachers of English
NCTE provides educators with professional development resources, research, and tools to improve literacy teaching at all levels.


Newsela provides teachers with a platform to access news articles at various reading levels, making it easier to differentiate instruction and improve reading comprehension.


Phonic Books
Phonic Books offers a range of decodable books to support early reading and phonics instruction.


Phonics and Stuff
Phonics and Stuff provides teachers with a variety of phonics resources and materials to enhance literacy instruction.


Phonics Play
Phonics Play offers interactive phonics games and activities to engage students in learning letter sounds and phonetic skills.


Phonics Word Generator
Phonics Word Generator helps create lists of words for phonics practice and instruction.


ReadWorks provides a wide range of reading comprehension passages, lessons, and resources for teachers to improve students' literacy skills.

Reading Rockets
Reading Rockets offers resources and strategies for teaching reading, including articles, videos, and lesson plans.


Really Great Reading
Really Great Reading provides research-based, multisensory reading materials and professional development for educators.


Scholastic's website offers lesson plans, book lists, and classroom resources to enhance literacy instruction for various age groups.


Teaching Tolerance
Teaching Tolerance provides free resources to educators to promote social justice and encourage inclusive literacy education.


University of Florida Literacy Institute
The University of Florida Literacy Institute offers research, professional development, and resources to support literacy instruction.


Vooks is an animated storybook platform that brings books to life, fostering a love for reading among young learners.

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