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Personalized one-on-one or team consulting services services to meet the unique needs of each client. We work with individuals in consulting from age 16 through to adulthood. 

education, learning, digital design, digital products
education, learning, digital design, digital products

Individualized programming, unique to each client.

For educational, personal development, or other areas of support.

Regular feedback and supporting tools provided.

Consulting offered from 16 years old, through to adulthood.

One-on-one live sessions, with optional asynchronous lessons available.

FREE initial consultation to assess requests and needs.

What We Offer.

All consulting sessions are conducted by a qualified educator with experience in the respective fields. Consult plans are based on current research and best practices for your specific needs, ensuring that clients receive the most effective program and guidance possible.

How does it work?

Book a free consultation with us here.

A consultation is held to make a plan for your requests and to assess your needs.

A schedule is created and your consulting program begins!

Before beginning any consulting sessions or program, we conduct a free initial consultation with each client to assess their needs and develop a customized plan to help them achieve their goals. This allows us to tailor our consulting services to the specific needs of each individual, to best support them in the area(s) they request.

Current areas

we can support

you with.

Consulting programs can be set up as an on-going program, a one-time session, or as a short-term basis. 

School Support

We offer support for students in high school and post-secondary education in areas such as test taking, studying tips, schedule organization, etc. This support is for high school students 16+ through to adults in post-secondary education programs.

education, learning, digital design, digital products

Don't see a topic here that you are interested in? Not a problem!

We are happy to take on new requests and discuss how we can support you.

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